Kane Bullard

Kane Bullard
Profile (Kane Bullard).png
Japanese nameBusujima Kurobee
AgePW:T&T: 48 (deceased)

Kane Bullard is the CEO of KB Security company and the victim of the 2nd case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; The Stolen Turnabout.

About a year prior to his murder, Bullard had Ron DeLite in his employ, but was forced to fire him after Ron was discovered stealing security secrets and selling them on. A move that could be seen as hypocritical seeing as it was rumoured he too was doing the same thing.

When the thief Mask*DeMasque began his heists stealing valuable jewels and the like, KB Security was hired to provide the security prior to the heists taking place as the thief always left a calling card as a warning. But as the company could never stop the thief from stealing the threatened item each time, the company's name was tarnished. As a response, Bullard started to gather research on Mask*DeMasque, soon coming to the conclusion that his true identity was Ron, and that he was being blackmailed by Luke Atmey, a detective operating under the guise of being an expert on Mask*DeMasque. As a result, and partly out of revenge for ruining his company's name, he started to blackmail Atmey, saying that if he didn't give him the treasures he stole, he would tell the world his secret.

This continued for a while, until Atmey had evidently had enough of being blackmailed, one night he went to meet with Bullard, killing him there and then by hitting him over the head.

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