Guy Eldoon

Guy Eldoon
Japanese nameYatabuki Mugitsura
AgeAJ:AA: 46
OccupationNoodle Chef

Guy Eldoon is a noodle chef and friend of Phoenix and Trucy who appears in Turnabout Corner.

He is the 15th in a long line of Noodle Chefs, although he only actually started to work as one last year. Until two years ago he worked as a surgeon, but was forced to close his clinic as another clinic in the area belonging to Pal Meraktis was stealing all the local business. As such, Guy has built up a grudge against him.

On the night of Meraktis' murder, Guy had his noodle cart stolen. As it turned out, Meraktis had stolen the cart as a method of transporting the supposed body of Alita Tiala, she was actually just passed out but Meratkis thought that he had killed him.

Guy also mentions that his father used to serve noodles to Phoenix and Maya.

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