Frank Sahwit

Frank Sahwit
Japanese nameYamano Hoshio
AgePW:AA: 36
OccupationNewspaper salesman

Frank Sahwit is a salesman who appears in The First Turnabout, the first case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. His hair is also just a wig. Whilst Frank claims to be a salesman, selling newspapers door to door, it is really a guise for his real job; burglary. He investigates potential places to rob whilst delivering the newspapers, making a note of when people are usually out. On the day of Cindy Stone's murder, Frank was burgling her apartment, however, she came back home before he had finished. In a panic, he grabbed a statue that was on her table and hit her over the head with it, killing her instantly. Realising what he had done, he had to save himself somehow, it was then that he remembered that earlier in the day he had seen someone leaving the apartment, Larry Butz. Frank decided to frame Larry for the murder and reported it to the police.

As a "witness" to the crime, Frank testified about seeing Larry there and how he found the body. But he made too many mistakes in his lies in the testimony, firstly the time of murder was off by three hours. Frank claimed he heard the time from the talking clock in the apartment, but he had earlier claimed he never went inside beyond the door to use the phone, which wasn't working due to a blackout. He then explained he thought he heard the time and it must have been from a TV program instead, but again, there was no power in the apartment so that was false aswell. All these lies allowed Phoenix Wright, Larry's defense attorney, to prove that the only person who could have killed Cindy was Frank himself. With no hope of getting away with it, he threw his wig onto Phoenix's face before he collapsed on the stand and was arrested, being convicted of Cindy's murder.

If you split up his surname, it is saw it, which refers to him being the witness of the case.

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