Farewell, My Turnabout

Farewell, My Turnabout
Start DateMarch 20th 2018
End DateMarch 23rd 2018
VictimJuan Corrida
ProsecutorMiles Edgeworth
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Defense AssistantMia Fey (channelled by Pearl)
DefendantMatt Engarde
GuiltyMatt Engarde

This is the fourth and final case of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All.


[edit] Case

The case opens at an awards show for TV action heroes, the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, the winner being announced is the Nickel Samurai. Out in the audience are Maya and Phoenix, along with Will Powers and Pearl. They're talking about the award show, and Powers mentions how the Jammin' Ninja, one of the entrants, also lost last year and how his chances looked good this year. As it turns out, the Jammin' Ninja and the Nickel Samurai are strong rivals in this business. The group are about to head to the post-ceremony as there will be a press conference afterwards, supposedly the Nickel Samurai is going to confess something.

As the press conference is about to start, they all head over to the hotel lobby where it is being held, however, moments before it is due to being, it's cancelled. Not only that, but the police have requested that everyone remain where they are. Powers and Phoenix consider going to see what is going on, but run into Wendy Oldbag who is working on the security side of things for the event. Oldbag doesn't seem to really know what's going on, so Maya twists Phoenix's arm for them to go and take a look. Phoenix, Maya and Pearl take a look around, but before they get very far, one of the bellboys informs Maya that she has a phone call waiting at the front desk. Whilst Maya takes her phone call, Phoenix and Pearl continue to look around, heading out to the hallway where they meet both Lotta Hart and Detective Gumshoe. The two are arguing in the hall and Gumshoe lets slip that a murder has been committed. The victim was the actor playing the Jammin' Ninja, Juan Corrida, and his closest rival and fellow actor, Matt Engarde, has been arrested.

They head back to the lobby and meet up with Powers, telling him about what they discovered. Strangely, Powers also gives a 2-way radio to Phoenix, as he was told to pass it to him from one of the hotel bellboys. As Phoenix and Powers are talking, the little radio starts to beep, and on the other end of the phone is a mystery voice who has kidnapped Maya. The voice tells Phoenix that if he wants Maya to be returned unharmed he has to take on Matt as his client and gain a complete aquittal. The voice claims that Matt didn't kill anyone and that he's been framed for the murder and gives him 2 days to get the not guilty verdict, adding finally that his name is De Killer before hanging up. Phoenix goes to find Gumshoe and tells him about what is going on, making Gumshoe all the more suspecting of Matt, especially with all the evidence the crime team have been collecting.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

It's the next morning and Phoenix and Pearl head to the Detention Center to visit Matt Engarde, although he doesn't really seem to grasp the nature of how bad his situation is. He also isn't very helpful in giving Phoenix any information, as he constantly contacts various people on his phone for their advice on what to say. However, Matt does finally accept Phoenix as his lawyer after he mentions De Killer and becomes alot more cooperative. He explains that after the ceremony he went back to his room, but claims to have no knowledge of planning to make any announcement at the press conference afterwards. When he was leaving his room he heard from his manager about what had happened to Juan, and was arrested shortly after as a button from the Jammin' Ninja's costume was found in his hakama. Just before they leave, Phoenix asks Matt if he really didn't kill Juan, which he answers that he didn't, as there were no psyche-locks Phoenix believes that he must be innocent.

Phoenix and Pearl head back to the Gatewater Hotel to do some investigation, running into Oldbag again but she isn't talking so they head on. They head into the hall and find Lotta who is complaining about her camera going missing last night after the murder occurred. She says how she was hanging around in the hallway to catch a photo of her "big scoop" but refuses to tell Phoenix what it is. As Lotta isn't helping they decide to take a look around, heading to Matt's room where they meet Adrian Andrews, Matt's manager. She tells them about on the night how after the ceremony she ran a few errands, then came to get Matt for the post-ceremony show, then went to Juan's room and found his body. Phoenix also asks if she has any ideas for Matt's motive but she refuses to talk.

As Adrian isn't talking they take a look around Juan's room, Gumshoe is already there and lets them look around in light of the situation with Maya. Whilst the autopsy report hasn't been published yet, Gumshoe is able to tell Phoenix that the likely cause of death was a result of being stabbed, and Matt's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. Also, there was a witness, Oldbag, and Gumshoe lets slip that Franziska von Karma will be prosecuting on the case. Just as he happens to mention it, Franziska turns up and berates Gumshoe for giving away information to Phoenix, then turns her aggression to Phoenix for breaking her perfect prosecution record.

Whilst Phoenix and Pearl make their escape they run into Will Powers who had been kept there due to having a connection to those involved in the murder. Whilst they talk, Powers mentions about a rumoured connection between Adrian and Juan in that they could possibly be dating. They decide to go and talk to Oldbag again, and manage to bribe her with Juan's autograph which they found earlier in his room. She tells how about ten minutes before Juan's body was discovered she saw Matt leave Juan's room and also that she is determined to see him get the guilty verdict due to the scandal that he created with Adrian and Juan. Oldbag then refuses to pass on anymore information so they go to try their luck with talking to Lotta again with the information they've discovered so far. This time they're able to get her to talk, she admits she was hanging around in hope of getting a scandalous photo of Juan and Adrian. She had also written up the article that would go with her photo, but it was in the case of her camera which is missing.

With little else to do they head to the Criminal Affairs Department and meet up with Gumshoe who warns Phoenix that the evidence and testimony looks airtight, meaning bad news for Phoenix's case. Phoenix mentions the gossip about Adrian and Juan, and Gumshoe says they were looking into it too, as two years ago, Juan's manager, Celeste Inpax, committed suicide. At the time she was Adrian's mentor, but before Gumshoe can tell Phoenix anymore, Franziska interrupts and puts a stop to it, but it's her that is interrupted next as Edgeworth appears on scene, although, Franziska is none too happy to see Edgeworth so leaves. Edgeworth, despite Phoenix's hostility over what happened a year ago, offers to help him with the case, seeming to know something about it that Phoenix doesn't. As they're talking about the case, Edgeworth mentions something new in relation to Celeste, it turns out that her suicide note went missing after her death and was never found, but it was suspected that Juan had hidden it. He was the one who found her body, so the most obvious suspect. Edgeworth also goes on to tell about Adrian and her attempted suicide just a few days after Celeste died, it seems she had a "co-dependency" and after Celeste died she lost the will to live.

With this information, Phoenix and Pearl go to question Adrian again, but, when they get there, she is already talking with Franziska who accuses Phoenix of following her around. She then finishes up her conversation and leaves, giving Phoenix the chance to talk to Adrian. Revealing what he knows about Celeste and the fact that all this would infact give Adrian a motive for murder causes Adrian to talk. She admits that she heard about the theory that Juan had hidden Celeste's suicide note, Adrian fell apart after Celeste died and became determined to find the note, which was why she got close to Juan. She is also adamant she hasn't, and wouldn't, kill anyone for the note and asks Phoenix to keep her attempted suicide a secret. Pearl notices something, a card that Adrian has been fiddling with, which Adrian says she found in her handbag but she has no idea where it came from.

Phoenix decides to call it a day so he and Pearl head back to the Wright & Co Offices. Once they get there it's not long before the kidnapper contacts them again. Maya is fine besides not having been fed all day, but Maya tells Phoenix to contact Mia before she is cut off. Moments later, Mia appears, being channelled through Pearl's body, telling Phoenix that Maya is fine, if a little hungry.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

Phoenix and Matt meet in the Defendants Lobby the next morning and Phoenix explains how it looks like Adrian could have been the one who murdered Juan, although Matt finds it hard to believe. Mia is there too to help out, channelled in Pearl's body. Just as they're about to go in, the kidnapper calls again saying that he left Phoenix a "present" to aid him in the trial today.

The head into the courtroom, but Franziska appears to be missing, as it turns out, that morning she had been shot by an unknown gunman and is in surgery in hospital, and Edgeworth offers to take her place on the prosecution. He tells Phoenix that he found the answer he was looking for this past year, and after this trial, Phoenix should understand too. Edgeworth then gets on to the trial, calling Gumshoe to the stand.

[edit] Gumshoe's Testimony

Gumshoe explains that after the award ceremony Juan was found dead in his hotel room, the cause of death was due to strangulation, and he was also stabbed after his death. They also looked into the missing red guitar and it was later found at the TV studio, it had never even been brought to the award ceremony. So far as motive goes, they were both fierce rivals, each aiming for the top, and of course the evidence of the Jammin' Ninja button found on Juan's body, as well as Matt's fingerprints on the knife, mean all signs point towards Matt as the obvious suspect. Gumshoe goes on to say that Matt brought the knife to the event, so the murder was premeditated, however, as the knife is cutlery of the Gatewater Hotel, this can't be the case. Edgeworth butts in to remind them that whether the crime was premeditated or not isn't really the issue, the issue is where did the knife come from? Juan's room contained a full set of cutlery, and Matt's, of course, did not, it was missing a single knife. Going back to his earlier point, Edgeworth reminds everyone that Matt must have taken the knife with him to Juan's room, so this was infact a premeditated murder.

Despite things seemingly going his way, Edgeworth presses Wright to submit some new evidence to the court that has yet to be shown. Wright remembers the wine glass from earlier, and how, despite there being an obvious struggle in the room, the wine glass is full and undisturbed, even though other things had obviously been knocked off the table it was standing on. Of course, Edgeworth already had noticed this, and the glass had already been inspected for fingerprints, only carrying those of Adrian Andrews. As she was the one who discovered the body, Edgeworth proposes that Adrian must have carried it with her when she went to see Juan, then, after seeing his body, set the glass down. The Judge is convinced enough to still hand down his verdict, but again Edgeworth is persistent to continue and call on another witness; Wendy Oldbag.

[edit] Oldbag's Testimony

After realising that the witness was Oldbag, having only read the reports and not found out who the actual witness was, Edgeworth is less than enthusiastic about bringing in the witness now, but Oldbag promises to be useful. She tells how she was on security that night at the hotel and after the ceremony she was pacing around the hallway in front of Juan's room, claiming that she saw Matt leave his room whilst she was there. She mentions also that Matt was wearing his racing jacket at the time, however this creates the problem that the bloodstained button from Juan's costume was found in Matt's hakama. After this inconsistency is revealed, Oldbag changes her story to say that Matt was actually wearing his Nickel Samurai costume instead, but this brings up another problem, the knife found in Juan's body had Matt's finger prints on it, impossible if he was wearing the Nickel Samurai costume as that costume has gloves to it. Edgeworth muses that perhaps Matt went in costume but removed the gloves as they were only talking, having no intention to murder Juan, but this brings up yet another problem in that the knife was from Matt's room, and he wouldn't have removed his gloves to kill Juan as that would purposely leave fingerprints on it. The appearance of the knife in general is so strange that Phoenix muses that it might be a plant by the real killer to frame Matt.

They ask Oldbag to clarify and she says the reason she was in the hallway in the first place was to see if Adrian Andrews came out of Juan's room, after reading the gossip column about them both, thinking that Matt's hatred for Juan ran deep enough that he sent his manager to him to create the gossip and ruin his reputation. She also claims the information was secret, but Phoenix remembers that Lotta also mentioned it, and after bringing it up, Oldbag lets slip that she stole Lotta's gossip article draft and that was how she found out about it. However, to get hold of that note, Oldbag would have also have to have taken Lotta's camera as that was where she was keeping it, as Oldbag was found out, she admits that she took the camera too. The Judge has the bailiff get the photos on the camera developed quickly to see what they can contain, just one is relevant, a photo of the Nickel Samurai leaving Juan's room. Seeing this, the Judge and Edgeworth are certain this proves Matt's guilt, but on closer inspection of the photo it becomes clear that whoever is wearing the costume cannot be Matt as the hakama are dragging heavily on the floor; the costume is too big. Phoenix then suggests that in the photo it is actually Adrian due to the fact that she's shorter, can freely move between both rooms and also had dinner with Matt that evening, so had access to the knife.

In light of this, the Judge decides to adjourn for the day and hear Adrian's testimony tomorrow, however, with the situation with Maya, Phoenix requests the trial continue today, as does Edgeworth. It turns out that Edgeworth had figured it would come to this all along and had Adrian waiting as the next witness anyway. Before hearing testimony, they decide to take a brief recess, and outside in the lobby Matt is surprised to hear Adrian would be the one to frame him. Phoenix and Mia go over their thoughts, Adrian Andrews killed Juan over Celeste Inpax's suicide note, but Mia is concerned over one thing; it was Edgeworth that told them about the suicide note and Celeste in the first place, meaning, he still really is the one in control even though it was supposedly Phoenix turning the case around. With that in mind, they head back into court.

[edit] Andrews' Testimony

Adrian is called to the witness stand and first and foremost sets the record straight that she and Juan were seeing each other, but denies killing him. Edgeworth then asks Adrian to explain about what happened when she found Juan's body. The show was about to start so Adrian went to get Matt, then afterwards she went to Juan's room and found the body, she also mentioned she felt faint so poured some juice. After some pressing, she also reveals that she knocked the flower vase over from Juan's desk onto the guitar case beneath, however the guitar case was found at the scene opened, and only the top wet, which doesn't make sense if the vase was knocked onto it. Adrian says she must have opened the case after she spilt the drink on it, but the problem with this is that only Juan's fingerprints are present on the case, again, Adrian manages to explain this away by saying she was wearing gloves that evening as it was a formal occasion, but this just causes another problem in that Adrian's fingerprints were found on the glass of juice.

Edgeworth doesn't see the point in this line of questioning, but Phoenix points out the during the murder, the case was closed, but after the murder it was open, meaning something was surely removed from the case and it must have a relation to the crime. Phoenix believes that inside the case was infact another Nickel Samurai costume which was removed in order to frame Matt for the murder as he, or rather the Nickel Samurai, would be the last person seen leaving the scene of the crime. But they can't understand why Juan would have a costume of the Nickel Samurai with him, he was the Jammin' Ninja after all. It's then that Phoenix realises what was probably going on, the press conference after the show where the Nickel Samurai was going to confess something, which Matt had said he knew nothing about, must have been set up by Juan and he would act as the Nickel Samurai instead. Adrian realises there's little point in hiding it and confirms Phoenix's suspicion, Juan had set up the conference and asked her for help, even getting the second costume for him. She explains that Juan needed to win the Grand Prix this year, and if he didn't he would ensure that if he lost, Matt would go down with him aswell. Supposedly, Matt had some kind of secret that Juan knew about and could potentially finish his acting career, but Adrian doesn't know what the secret was.

The Judge asks Adrian to tell more about her motives that evening, which she explains as being to protect Matt; once she saw the crime scene she was sure that he was the one to kill Juan due to the knife and button. But there is an issue with the button, it's covered in blood, so it must have been torn off after Juan was stabbed, so after Juan had died as his cause of death was strangulation. Adrian had assumed that the button was torn off as Juan and Matt fought, but this wouldn't have been possible, the only logical reason to tear off the button after Juan had died would be to frame Matt. Phoenix then formally accuses Adrian of Juan's murder, with all the evidence stacked against her, Adrian refuses to testify, stating she remembers a law that allows her to not testify if it would implicate herself. Edgeworth however isn't too worried, everything Phoenix has proven is merely circumstantial, he needs to prove that there is definitive evidence that Adrian did harbour some kind of ill towards Corrida enough to kill him.

With everything at a standstill, the Judge decides it will be best to call a recess so the defense and prosecution can further look into the matter and reconvene tomorrow. But as Phoenix is under pressure still due to the situation with Maya, he pleads that the trial continue, Edgeworth also pleading it when he realises something is up, stating he would like to hear testimony, but about the moment that Adrian found the body, as that wouldn't implicate her, there is no reason to refuse testimony. The Judge grants the request and Adrian continues her testimony.

Adrian changes her testimony to say that she didn't pour the juice for herself, she poured it for Juan as when she came into the room, she thought that he had just fainted or was asleep. But no one believes that for the obvious fact that Juan had a knife sticking in him at the time. With another lie exposed, the Judge is certain of Adrian's guilt and about to hand down a verdict, until Edgeworth interrupts, wanting to hear the truth from Adrian before they do anything too hasty. He warns Adrian if she keeps up her silence, Matt will go free and in his place it will be her declared guilty. The Judge asks Phoenix's opinion, with everything stacked against him regarding Maya, but also Adrian's insistence on her innocence and the fact that she is definitely hiding something, he decides that rather than hand down the verdict right away, she be forced to testify.

However, Adrian still refuses to testify about it, so Edgeworth steps in and starts to reveal the facts for her, the fact that she has an "illness" and tried to commit suicide in the past. With Edgeworth about to tell the court everything anyway, Adrian finally gives in and explains: she found Juan's body, and then went back to Matt's room to get the knife and stabbed Juan's body to frame him. When she tried to leave, both Lotta and Oldbag were in the corridor, so in order to not get caught she wore the Nickel Samurai costume. Phoenix still wants to continue but as there is still nothing to implicate Adrian in the actual murder of Juan, the Judge convenes court for the day and leaves.

Whilst Phoenix is lamenting the situation, Edgeworth asks Adrian about the card she is holding in her hand, she remembers now where she found it, it was actually in Juan's room when she found his body, lying there next to him. Whilst Phoenix doesn't see the big deal about the card, Edgeworth is clearly distraught that she hid this the whole time...

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

As the trial is over for the day, Phoenix heads back to the office with Pearl, trying to console her about the situation with Maya. Before they get very far deciding their next move, Gumshoe arrives, giving them a little update on Franziska. The bullet should have been removed from her shoulder by now, and she'll be resting in hospital, so they decide to go and pay her a visit.

The hospital is infact the Hotti Clinic and Edgeworth is already there inquiring into Franziska's condition with Director Hotti. Franziska is done with her surgery and up, sending Hotti off on his way with her whip. She tells them she's fine, and even wanted to run the trial this morning if it weren't for Edgeworth dragging her down to the hospital. However, she quickly leaves when Phoenix brings up her blunder with Adrian and telling her to not testify. Edgeworth sticks around so Phoenix asks him about the card Adrian was holding, as it turns out the owner of the card is a wanted man, a hired assassin whom the police have been trying to identify for a long time. The assassin goes by the name Shelly de Killer, and always leaves their card by the body of their victims so it can be certain they were responsible for the murder. As they're talking, Edgeworth asks Phoenix what's wrong, having noticed that he was acting strangely in court earlier today, so Phoenix comes clean about the situation with Maya. Edgeworth says he will have a rescue team dispatched and promises to have the issue resolved by tomorrow, and explains to Phoenix that the murderer in this case was definitely Shelly De Killer, and Matt ordered the job. Although Phoenix doesn't want to hear that right now, Edgeworth offers him a pass into the crime scene as it's off limits right now, only police personnel are allowed.

But first, Phoenix decides to talk to Matt again and hear his side of things but visiting hours are over. However, Matt has left a note for Phoenix, asking him to go and feed his cat, Shoe, so he and Pearl decide to go. They let themselves in and soon find the cat, and also John Doe, Matt's butler. With Shoe taken care of they get back to the real matter at hand; investigating the crime scene.

They return to the hotel and, after giving Oldbag the note they got from Edgeworth, are allowed to investigate Juan's room. But before they get very far the radio transceiver starts to beep, the kidnapper not being happy that Phoenix has not gotten the acquittal for Matt yet, however he agrees to grant them another day to sort it out. Phoenix asks to speak to Maya but before he can the transceiver's signal breaks up, forcing them to cut off.

With little else to do at the crime scene they head back to the office and find Gumshoe waiting there to offer his help, so they happen to mention about the transceiver breaking up earlier. However when they switch it on now, the signal is completely clear, so Gumshoe thinks that the room they were in must be broadcasting some kind of radio wave that caused the interference. Gumshoe then runs off to get a tracer from the police department and says he'll meet them at Corrida's room.

A little later they meet up and Gumshoe has brought the bug sweeper, and after a sweep of the room they soon find what they're looking for; a miniature video camera inside one of the many stuffed bears. However there is no cassette to the camera, the signal is being transmitted to elsewhere, which is what caused the interference earlier. Whilst they can't find where it's transmitting to, Gumshoe takes the camera and transmitter and runs off, saying he'll go around all the electronics shops to see if anyone bought them recently. Moments later, Edgeworth appears, having overheard their conversation and reveals that the bear is a better route of investigation given that it is a rare, hand-made import. With that, he takes the bear and says he will investigate down this route, telling Phoenix to just concentrate on finding the truth in this case.

Even though it's getting late, Phoenix and Pearl decide to go and and try and meet with Matt, but on their way out of the hotel they happen to run into Oldbag who has been given the task of bug-sweeping the entire building by Edgeworth. Whilst talking, Oldbag happens to mention that Celeste Inpax was engaged to Juan, but he cancelled the marriage a mere three days later, then Celeste killed herself. With this new information they continue towards the detention centre, apparently Edgeworth has asked already for permission to be granted to Phoenix to interview Matt again, even though visiting hours are long over, they also learn that there is a new, decisive witness who will be in the trial tomorrow as well. On their way out, they run into Will Powers, it turns out that he will be the witness tomorrow, as apparently he has an important testimony to give, not that he's allowed to talk about it right now. He will however talking about Matt, mentioning he is somewhat of a "player" when it comes to women, but that he could never get his manager to be interested in him. He also mentions briefly how Celeste Inpax supposedly doubtful of Juan's intentions towards her.

Phoenix and Pearl head over to the detention centre, remembering that Adrian is here aswell after being arrested following the trial today. They briefly talk but are hit with psyche-locks from both parties. It's then that they get a call from Gumshoe, asking him to come back to the office as Edgeworth has discovered who owns the spy camera found inside the bear; Matt Engarde.

With the new information they head back to talk to Matt, this time getting him to talk and finally admitting he did hire Shelly De Killer to kill Juan. He also set up the camera as insurance that Shelly couldn't hold their contract over him for blackmail purposes, and reminds Phoenix about Maya. As Matt leaves, Edgeworth appears to offer some words of advice about the situation and set the record straight on why he left last year. Whilst they are talking, Shelley again calls and agrees to explain why he has kidnapped Maya to blackmail Phoenix; as a part of "aftercare" to ensure his clients don't take the blame for his crime. Strangely at the end of the message is the meowing of a cat which reminds Phoenix of something, the cat they met at Engarde's Mansion. He asks Edgeworth to get his search team to head over there immediately and makes his own way there aswell.

They arrive at the mansion and take a look around, Phoenix and Edgeworth break into a locked room and find a large amount of electrical equipment, specifically a dish for receiving video images. However, the video deck which they hoped would contain a tape of the moment of the crime is empty. They head further into the wine cellar but find it empty; Shelley has already escaped with Maya. Edgeworth reassures Phoenix that there is already a security ring around the area and to leave it to him and the team. Before Phoenix and Pearl leave they find on the floor a photo of Celeste, on the back Maya has written them a message as she was certain they would find the photo, telling them that she is fine and to get the guilty verdict for Matt.

Despite that it is getting late, Edgeworth arranges for Phoenix to visit Adrian again in the detention centre. Phoenix is certain that Adrian's motive for framing Matt was revenge, and not because she thought he was guilty like she has been saying so far. This time Adrian explains about what happened, that Matt was the reason that Juan and Celeste didn't get married. Matt and Celeste were somewhat of a couple years ago, but really, Matt was just toying with her until he got tired and threw her away. Because of the scandal for the studio if they found out about what Matt had done, Celeste simply moved over to a different studio, where she met Juan. Then, after the two had gotten engaged, Matt told Juan about his past relationship as he knew it would sting Juan the most then. Adrian says how she is certain that Celeste's suicide note contains all of Matt's misdeeds in it, and Juan hid it to get revenge on Matt, to use it when it would hurt Matt the most. She also explains that when she found Matt's body, she had first looked all over for the suicide note, but it couldn't be found anywhere, that's when she got the idea to frame Matt, and that would be her revenge.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

The trial starts early morning and Phoenix is obviously feeling conflicted over saving Maya and getting the correct verdict for Matt, especially with Matt rubbing it in his face. Mia is there too, channelled by Pearl, but she hasn't been able to contact Maya so she can't say for certain her condition. Just as Mia is trying to encourage Phoenix given the bad situation, Gumshoe calls to let them know they're currently trying to chasing after De Killer, doing everything in their power before the trial is over, reminding him that if Maya is safe, then Phoenix can go for his guilty verdict safely. Gumshoe suggest that he do everything he can with Edgeworth to drag out the trial for as long as possible whilst he and the investigation team do their best. Feeling slightly more uplifted, Phoenix heads into court.

Edgeworth is still on the prosecution whilst Franziska recovers and goes over what they know so far about Adrian's role in the murder; she has no role in the murder, her crimes fall with attempting to frame Matt. He then tells the court about what they have discovered since yesterday; that the murder was infact an assassination performed by Shelly De Killer, and that the assassin was hired by Matt. They then call Will Powers to the stand to testify.

[edit] Powers' Testimony

Edgeworth starts by questioning Powers on the night of the murder as he seemed to have visited Matt's room that evening. Powers explains that after the show he went to Matt's room to congratulate him, but when he reached the hallway he saw Matt talking outside his room with whom he assumed was the Bellboy. As they seemed to be talking for a while, Powers gave up and went back to the main hall as he was with guests and didn't want to make them wait. Phoenix presses on the Bellboy issue as Powers says he felt something was off about the situation, remembering that Matt gave the Bellboy a large tip and that also the Bellboy had a line of stitches down the middle of his face. At the mention of the stitches Phoenix instantly remembers that De Killer, whom he met at Engarde's mansion earlier, and realises that is who Matt must have been talking to. But if he were to reveal this then the trial would be over in an instant, so chooses to keep it to himself so as to drag things out, giving Gumshoe and the others more time.

However Edgeworth picks up on the large tip, stating that must have been not a tip but payment for murdering Juan as the Bellboy was infact the assassin. As Edgeworth is explaining about the calling card they found, Powers suddenly remembers that he saw the Bellboy a second time that evening coming out of Juan's room, after which he went straight to Matt's room, handed whoever was inside a small statue, and left. On a hunch, Phoenix presents the small bear statue they found earlier at Matt's mansion and, on seeing it, Powers recognises it as the statue he saw. With the evidence mounting up against Matt even more and Phoenix still needing to stall the trial, he points out that Matt has been under arrest since that evening, so it wouldn't have been possible for him to bring the statue back to his mansion. But Edgeworth is quick to counter, pointing out that he heard something that Phoenix had muttered, that the butler at the mansion was also the assassin, meaning it was perfectly feasible for him to bring it back for Matt. Additionally, Powers remembers that, whilst he didn't see the face of the person the bear was given to, he saw part of the Nickel Samurai costume.

The Judge has heard enough and wants to hand down a verdict, but Phoenix, still needing to buy more time, points out that there was a spare Nickel Samurai costume in Adrian Andrews' possession, and she also tried to frame Matt for the crime. Edgeworth can't rule out the possibility so agrees to go along with it, bringing up the question of why De Killer gave the bear to his client in the first place and calls Adrian to the stand.

They take a 10 minute recess, and in that time, Mia is called away by a strong power, but Pearl isn't sure what. Gumshoe also calls to see how things are going but he himself don't have any leads on where De Killer and Maya are. Mia returns moments later to say that Maya had called her, and she could see a circus tent outside of the window where she is being held. With the new information Gumshoe continues the search and Phoenix and Mia head back into court.

[edit] Andrews' Testimony

Adrian comes to the stand and explains about the bear statue, it is infact a puzzle and if opened correctly you can reach a small cavity inside. She also explains that she knows all this because she bought it whilst on a trip to Switzerland and only she and Juan, providing he never told anyone, were the only ones who knew how to open the puzzle. Now that they have established all of this, Edgeworth asks Adrian to solve the puzzle so they can find out what is inside. She agrees and soon opens it, finding inside the lost suicide note written by Celeste Inpax. Written on the note is everything they assumed, telling how Celeste was used by Matt, then how he destroyed her engagement to Juan, driving her to suicide.

Again, the evidence is mounting up against Matt, and still Phoenix needs to buy a little time, so he points out that if the suicide note was hidden all this time, it wouldn't be possible for Matt to know what was written on it, therefore why would he kill him in order to obtain it? But Edgeworth is quick to reveal something he had discovered the previous night, that Juan's house was covered in spy cameras place by Matt, so it's quite feasible that he did know about the contents of the note. Thinking they've run into another wall, Mia offers Phoenix the hint that Edgeworth has overlooked something that could work to their advantage; the fact that the suicide note has only just been uncovered and therefore hasn't been scrutinised closely enough to determine whether it is genuine. Faced wit this, the Judge wants to suspend the trial for a further day whilst they analyse the note. But before they can do so, Phoenix's phone rings; Gumshoe had found De Killer's hideout but he and Maya had already gone. Gumshoe asks to talk to Edgeworth but he puts the phone down, letting the Judge close court for the day, almost. Edgeworth requests some more time today as they can carry out the tests on the note during that period, the Judge honours the request and court takes a 30 minute recess.

During the recess, Phoenix explains to Edgeworth what's going on regarding Maya, and Gumshoe calls again. It turns out that they only just missed De Killer and Maya, and also in his haste to leave De Killer had left behind a few items which Gumshoe is rushing over to the courthouse right now. But as they're talking, it sounds like Gumshoe got into a car accident. They need the pieces of evidence Gumshoe has, so Edgeworth says he'll contact Franziska to see if she can help. By now, Phoenix is also lamenting his decisions over this trial, given that he knows Matt is guilty, but Edgeworth tells him to just wait for the verdict before thinking anything too hasty. It's then that the analysis on the handwriting is done so Edgeworth is called away.

Court reconvenes and the handwriting analysis reveals that the note was indeed a forgery created by Juan himself, but Edgeworth reminds the court that regardless, Matt didn't know this, so would have continued to act as if the note were genuine. But Phoenix remembers that earlier Egdeworth stated that Engarde must have known that the note was hidden in the bear puzzle because he was spying on him, therefore he must have also known it was a fake as he was keeping a close eye on him. As neither Edgeworth nor Phoenix can prove or disprove the motive for Matt killing Juan, Edgeworth decides to call in a new witness to give decisive testimony; Who was it that hired Shelly de Killer to kill Juan? And the only person who can answer that question is the assassin himself.

[edit] de Killer's Testimony

Whilst de Killer has agreed to testify, he does so via a radio communicator, so isn't actually physically in court. He admits that he did kill Juan after receiving a request to do so from a client. He also sets straight that he values the trust between himself and his clients so that neither will come to harm over the contract, but his current client has "broken the rules" by trying to implicate someone else in order to save themselves from being found guilty. However, when it comes down to actually naming his client, de Killer says it was Adrian Andrews despite telling Edgeworth otherwise during the recess. Bearing in mind some of the other pieces of evidence, it starts to look like Matt will be found innocent after all, and Adrian guilty instead. The Judge wants to hand down the verdict, but given that Phoenix knows that Matt is guilty, and Edgeworth has been dragging out the trial too with him, he can't accept the not guilty verdict right now and requests to hear more from de Killer. The Judge can't understand why Phoenix would want to do such a thing given his client has been cleared through this testimony but he agrees to it.

The get de Killer back on the radio communicator and ask him to testify about his client in more detail. He agrees and explains the breaking of the rules he mentioned earlier, how Adrian when to the crime scene and tampered with it to frame Matt for the murder. But Phoenix says that Adrian could not have been framing Matt to cover for herself as she left a wine glass in the room bearing her own fingerprints, something she would not have done if she knew that she was walking into a murder scene.

They press de Killer further and ask for him to explain how the contract was made which he happily explains. He got the request about a week ago and he and Adrian met in a bar to discuss further details. However, de Killer makes the mistake of referring to Adrian as "him", having assumed that Adrian was male due to the name, meaning of course that he has never met her and therefore cannot be his client. But de Killer says he got confused with a different client and claims that he hasn't actually met Adrian and took this request by mail. He also mentions how he was told to get the bear and give it to her, meeting up later at Matt's mansion. But Phoenix knows this can't be true, if Adrian had been given the bear, they would never have found the suicide note because she would have taken it out and burnt it like she intended.

Seeing what Phoenix is doing and trying to sway things away from getting Matt an innocent verdict, de Killer subtly threatens to do something to Maya if he doesn't uphold his end of the deal. With things getting desperate and Maya's well being at stake, Edgeworth holds off asking any questions, meaning unless there is any further objections Matt will be declared innocent and Adrian guilty.

Matt is called to the stand to hear his verdict, although he ends up gloating more than anything. They ask for Phoenix's final statement and he's faced with a choice, if he says Matt is guilty, Maya could die, and the opposite, Adrian could die. Just as he is about to say he is guilty, Franziska arrives to interrupt with pieces of evidence that Gumshoe retrieved for them. But, even with the new evidence, the Judge doesn't see how this can change the outcome of who ordered the contract. Mia points out they now have two options, make Matt wish he was guilty, or make de Killer end his contract with Matt.

However the Judge grants Phoenix one last try, allowing him to request that de Killer is brought back onto the radio. Phoenix wants to show him the video tape, which de Killer explains was something his client wanted him to protect as part of their deal, but was also asked to not watch it. He did as he was asked, so has no idea that the tape is actually the recording made on the night of the murder showing him kill Juan. Obviously, de Killer is surprised to learn that he was purposely filmed and can't understand why, but the reason is obvious, to blackmail him later. As de Killer realises he was deceived from the beginning, Edgeworth asks about the trust he spoke of earlier between the client and himself, what would happen if the trust was broken? De Killer is quick to answer that he would break the contract and then that client would become his next target, regardless of how log it took to catch them. He then cuts off, saying his contract is now over, that he has a new job to deal with, and that Maya will be returned.

Of course, Matt also heard the conversations with de Killer and is naturally terrified of being found innocent as as soon as he leaves the courtroom he'll be a target for de Killer. Realising this, Matt loses it and agrees with Phoenix's plea of guilty. Franziska leads Matt off to be incarcerated and Adrian says that she will face her punishment for tampering with the murder scene. She's also thankful that Phoenix and Edgeworth were on the trial, and for helping her understand her true self.

Court is adjourned and they learn that Maya has safely been brought into police custody and on her way to the courthouse right away. Franziska is also there, but can't understand why Phoenix would be happy after losing and breaking his perfect win record. Whilst Phoenix doesn't think Franziska will ever understand, Edgeworth says he may in time, as he used to be just like her. He explains why he's been away for the past year, being unable to forgive himself for what he had been doing up until the point where Phoenix saved him. He realised that he had begun to trust Phoenix during the trials, even though he was the "enemy", and should have been searching for the truth, not victory. Franziska however has had enough of listening to them, telling Edgeworth that neither of them are worthy of being a von Karma anymore and runs off, throwing her whip on the ground. Moments later, Maya has arrived at the courthouse and reunited with everyone.

That evening, they all head to the Gatewater Hotel to have the feast that got missed due to the murder, but Edgeworth doesn't stay long. Before he goes, Phoenix gives Edgeworth Franziska's whip which she left behind. Edgeworth travels to the airport to find Franziska and asks her what's she's going to do. She seems to be still obsessing on her broken record, and that she isn't perfect anymore like she was expected to be. She also explains her reason for coming to America was to beat Phoenix, the man that Edgeworth couldn't, so she could say she was better. But despite all this, she doesn't intend to quit, and says she won't be in Edgeworth's shadow forever.

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