Drew Misham

Drew Misham
Japanese nameEse Doburoku
AgeAJ:AA: 56 (deceased) (49 in flashback)
FamilyDaughter: Vera Misham

Drew first appears as the victim in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Succession. He was a painter, however, aswell as paintings and sculptures he is also in the business of creating forgeries.

[edit] Background

Drew lived with his daughter, and they make a living by selling their paintings, however alot of his work comes from making forgeries of other peoples paintings. He doesn't know what happens to his work or what is done with it once he sells it, and he doesn't ask or pry information from his clients as to the reason of the requested forging, preferring to keep a distance. He has never met his clients, communicating with them via mail only. He keeps himself and his daughter, Vera, locked up from the world, rarely going out of the house. Despite being the face and name of the business, it was actually his daughter who produced most of the forgeries as her skill was much greater than his own, doing so even from a young age.

He was murdered as a result of one of the forgery contracts, dieing from poison left on a stamp for him to mail back one of his customers. The customer in question was Kristoph Gavin, who had hired Drew to produce a fake piece of evidence to aid him in winning a particular high profile trial. However, when Kristoph was fired as the lawyer on the case, he forced Drew to testify in the case against Phoenix Wright, the replacement lawyer for the particular case, and claim that Phoenix had asked him to produce the forgery.

Unknown to Drew, Kristoph had planned further ahead, having covered the back of a stamp which he had sent to Drew with poison. However, because of the picture on the stamp being of the Gramarye Troupe, a circus group that Vera was fond of, the stamp was kept in a frame for 7 years until Drew used it out of necessity.

[edit] Family and Friends

Aside from his daughter whom he doted on, Drew has no other family. His wife left him for being a failure of an artist. He also admires Phoenix Wright for his attorney work, and since Apollo Justice worked under Phoenix, he admired Apollo as well.

[edit] Cases

Drew appears only in:

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