Doug Swallow

Doug Swallow
Profile (Doug Swallow).png
Japanese nameNonda Kikuzou
AgePW:T&T: 22 in flashback case (deceased)

Doug Swallow was a 4th year pharmacology student studying at Ivy University and is the murder victim during the first case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; Turnabout Memories. He was quite skilled at his subject and was sometimes nicknamed the "Alchemist of Ivy U". On the day of his murder, he asked to meet Phoenix Wright, who was dating Dahlia Hawthorne at the time and studying art at the university. Doug had dated Dahlia before she started to date Phoenix, and wanted to warn him that some poison had gone missing from his lab yesterday and that the same thing occurred eight months ago, on both occasions Dahlia visited the lab. He tries to warn Phoenix that Dahlia was bad news but he didn't believe him, shoving him and then leaving. Moments later, Dahlia appeared, having heard everything. She then killed Doug by pushing him into some live electricity cables that were carrying a high voltage nearby in order to silence him.

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