Desirée DeLite

Desirée DeLite
Japanese nameAmasugi Mareka
AgePW:T&T: 23
FamilyHusband: Ron DeLite

Desirée is the wife of Ron DeLite, and plays a small role in the 2nd case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; The Stolen Turnabout. She has a love for motorcycles and spending money.

Desirée becomes involved in the case after her husband is accused of being a renowned thief, Mask*DeMasque, and asks Phoenix to defend him, certain that he is innocent and that her husband is merely delusional in his fanaticism of the thief. She even helps by finding the stolen urn that was taken in the latest heist.

Desirée first met Ron when, whilst working, she was attacked and taken hostage by two robbers. Ron, working as a security chief at the time, flailed at the robbers and rescued her. She fell in love at first sight despite their seemingly different personalities, sticking by him even when the secrets of his stealing information and really being Mask*DeMasque came to light. Because Ron sent a warning before every heist, she even thought he was being chivalrous, and not cowardly like those robbers that took her hostage.

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