Dahlia Hawthorne

Dahlia Hawthorne
Japanese nameMiyanagi Chinami
AliasMelissa Foster (Mukui Satoko)
AgePW:T&T: 26 (deceased) (19 & 20 in flashbacks)
FamilyMother: Morgan Fey
Sister: Iris
Half-sister: Pearl Fey
Foster sister: Valerie Hawthorne
Aunt: Misty Fey
Cousin: Mia Fey
Cousin: Maya Fey

Dahlia Hawthorne is first introduced in the 1st case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; Turnabout Memories, although, timeline wise, her first appearance would be Turnabout Beginnings.


[edit] Background

Dahlia's mother is Morgan Fey, but some time after she, and her twin sister Iris, were born, her father left the village, having had enough of his lack of standing in a village where all the figureheads were women. He then remarried to another woman who already had a daughter from a previous marriage, Valerie Hawthorne, so he left Iris at a shrine and only took in Dahlia. The family was wealthy as her father owned a jewellery business.

Dahlia appears in three cases in the game, as such, they will be listed in order of timeline.

[edit] "Five Years Ago"

Five years before first appearing in the timeline during the events of Turnabout Beginnings, Dahlia was 14 years old. At this age she seduced Terry Fawles whom she later claimed was her tutor although it's uncertain if this was true or not. She then convinced him and her sister, Valerie, to agree to a plot to scam her father out of a 2 million dollar diamond that they would then split 3 ways afterwards. They agreed and Terry "kidnapped" Dahlia then demanded the ransom, Valerie, who was a police detective at the time, was the one who was to make the exchange. Just prior to this, Dahlia and Valerie had agreed to cut Terry out of the deal once his job was over, so after Valerie handed over the diamond, she shot Terry in the arm. However, from the beginning Dahlia had planned to take the diamond for herself all along, and after Valerie had shot Terry she jumped off the bridge where the exchange was taking place and fell 40 feet into the river below. She was declared legally dead and Terry was charged with her murder, however she survived the ordeal and changed her name to Melissa Foster to evade detection, but somewhere along the line Valerie found out she was still alive. Additionally, some time prior to this, Dahlia and Terry buried a necklace with a vial nearby the bridge, and Dahlia told Terry to drink what was in the vial if they ever could not trust each other.

[edit] Turnabout Beginnings

Five years passed smoothly for Dahlia who by this point was a student studying literature, specifically Senryu poetry. However, Terry escaped from prison and contacted Valerie, who then contacted Dahlia and told her she intended to tell everyone about what happened five years ago. Dahlia couldn't let this happen, so she went to the meeting place before Terry got there, killed Valerie and hid the body in Terry's car boot (at the time, Terry was elsewhere). She then disguised herself as her sister and met with Terry, prior to this she had set up a camera further along the cliff where they were meeting so as to implicate Terry in the murder of her sister. After Terry left he was arrested further down the cliff as the police were already aware that Terry was up there. Dahlia then came forward as a witness and gave the police her camera, but asked that she wouldn't testify in court. However, as the case progressed it was necessary for her to appear in court.

On the defense was Mia Fey, Dahlia's own cousin, although Mia was not aware of this fact at the time. At this point Dahlia was going by the name Melissa still, but Mia's persistence made it clear that she was infact Dahlia, the victims sister. She continued to claim her innocence through several messy testimonies until Mia finally accused her of being the one who murdered Valerie. It soon becomes necessary to call in Terry to the stand to testify as to who it really was he saw on the bridge that day. However, Terry failed to testify as he drank what was in the vial after realising Dahlia had betrayed him, inside the vial was a deadly poison and moments later he died on the stand. There wasn't enough evidence to convict Dahlia so the trial ended with no verdict and Dahlia got off free.

Around six months after the trial, Dahlia came into contact with Diego Armando, the other attorney who aided Mia in Valerie Hawthorne's murder case. After that case ended with no verdict, Diego had been pursuing her to try and prove her guilt in that trial. She agreed to meet him at the courthouse cafeteria and at that meeting she poisoned his coffee, at the time she was dating Doug Swallow, a pharmacology student and stole the poison from the university lab. Although Diego managed to survive the poison, he went into a coma for 5 years. Dahlia went to the library and ran into Phoenix Wright whom she gave the necklace vial which had contained the poison she had put in Diego's coffee in order to dispose of the evidence for a while, claiming it was a token of her love. It was this meeting that would lead up to the events of Turnabout Memories 8 months later.

[edit] Turnabout Memories

Eight months passed and Dahlia kept up the façade of dating Phoenix in order to get back her necklace, however he refused to give it back, thinking she was just being shy about their "love". As she had been waiting so long and he kept showing it off to people, she decided to just kill him but her sister, Iris, persuaded her to wait whilst she attempted to get the necklace back herself, not wanting her to kill Phoenix. But Dahlia's patience ran out, so she stole again from the pharmacology department and poisoned Phoenix's cold medicine which he had been taking. However, before she could give him the poisoned medicine, Doug warned Phoenix about Dahlia, not that he believed what he was saying. Overhearing the conversation, Dahlia killed Doug to make sure he never told anyone about her by pushing him into some live electrical cabling. She also had Phoenix's cold medicine with her still at this point, so she left it with the body in order to implicate Phoenix in Doug's murder.

During Phoenix's trial, Dahlia was brought to the stand as a witness. Again, she was up against Mia Fey, who persisted with her questioning on her after what happened the previous year, and Diego's poisoning. Unlike last time, Dahlia isn't so lucky as she was finally proven guilty of murder and put on death row.

[edit] Bridge to the Turnabout

Dahlia returns yet again as a spirit, where she is revealed to be Morgan Fey's daughter, and Pearl Fey's half sister.

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