Start DateDecember 28th 2001
End DateDecember 28th 2016
VictimGregory Edgeworth
Cause of DeathPistol shot to heart
Defense AttorneyRobert Hammond
DefendantYanni Yogi
GuiltyManfred von Karma

DL-6 is a case heavily referenced and tied to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Goodbyes.

The case occurred almost exactly 15 years before the case in Turnabout Goodbyes. That day, Manfred von Karma was prosecuting on a case against Gregory Edgeworth. Von Karma was victorious but during the trial Edgeworth accused von Karma of using faulty evidence. The accusation was upheld and the Head Prosecutor refused to cover up von Karma's mistake this time, so a penalty was made against his otherwise perfect record.

Later that day, a strong earthquake struck and caused a blackout at the courthouse. During that time Gregory, his young son, Miles Edgeworth and a court baliff, Yanni Yogi, had become trapped in an elevator. Yogi was starting to get hysterical as the oxygen began to run out, and he and Gregory began to argue. At this time von Karma was standing near the elevator, still in shock about the penalty to his record. Whilst Yogi and Gregory were arguing, Yogi's gun fell from his holster near Miles, who threw it at the two of them to get them to stop. The gun accidentally fired and shot a bullet through the elevator door and into von Karma's shoulder. Moments later the power was restored to the building and the elevator doors opened with Gregory, Miles and Yogi all unconscious inside. Von Karma saw the gun and shot Gregory in the heart as revenge for the penalty on his record. He then went "on vacation" for several months afterwards whilst his shoulder healed, not visiting a doctor to have the wound treated or the bullet removed as this would leave an evidence trail.

During the investigation into Gregory's murder, Misty Fey, a spirit medium, was asked to contact Gregory's spirit to tell them who had murdered him as the case was going nowhere. Gregory's spirit told them that it was Yogi, not knowing that it was actually von Karma who shot him, and Yogi was arrested. Hammond was Yogi's defense attorney and, despite the testimony from Gregory's ghost, managed to argue that Yogi couldn't be convicted. He claimed that due to the oxygen deprivation that Yogi had been brain damaged and could not be convicted of the murder due to being mentally unsound. This wasn't true however and Yogi was indeed innocent, but Hammond didn't believe him and used this as his defense. Shortly after this, Yogi disappeared and the media found out about the use of the spirit medium who was largely discredited and went into hiding.

The case remained open for the next 15 years with the statute of limitations due to expire on the case shortly before the start of the events in Turnabout Goodbyes. Von Karma sent a parcel to Yanni Yogi containing a gun and detailed plans of how Yogi could get his revenge on Hammond and Edgeworth for ruining his life. He planned for Yogi to kill Hammond and then frame Edgeworth for the murder, von Karma's intention to have Edgeworth framed was also part of his own desire for revenge against him for scarring his shoulder, and to get back at Gregory as well in all likelihood. Yogi carried out the plan and as planned Edgeworth was arrested. However, Phoenix Wright, Edgeworth's attorney, managed to prove Edgeworth's innocence in the case, and eventually Yogi confessed to his crime. But von Karma still had plans for his revenge and had twisted things so that Edgeworth thought all along that it was he who had shot his father, causing him to confess.

Von Karma had planned for this all along, his revenge being two-fold: not only would Edgeworth be convicted for a murder he'd committed, but he would also believe that he killed his own father. Von Karma had even prepared by stealing all the evidence files from the DL-6 case, although, unknown to him, he had dropped the DL-6 case bullet that was removed from Gregory's heart when he had an altercation with Phoenix and Maya in the evidence room. This bullet would prove pivotal to the case as Phoenix pointed out the weapon used in DL-6 had been fired twice, but only one bullet had ever been recovered. They couldn't prove when the second shot had been fired and all seemed at a loss until Phoenix was thinking aloud and off the top of his head that perhaps the bullet had been taken away from the scene because it had been shot into the murderer and was still in his body. Given how suspicious von Karma had been, especially when he attacked him and Maya in the evidence room, and the past history surrounding the case, Phoenix accused von Karma of being the true murderer and that the bullet that Edgeworth had accidentally fired had hit von Karma and not Gregory. Using a metal detector they got a reading on von Karma's shoulder, but he claimed that this was from a different incident. So to prove it, Phoenix requested that they have the bullet removed and compare it with the DL-6 bullet, they would be able to tell if it was from the same incident from the ballistic markings. With no way to get out of his guilt, von Karma broke down and the truth was finally revealed, one day before the statute of limitations was due to expire.

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