Cindy Stone

Cindy Stone
Japanese nameTakabi Mika
AgePW:AA: 22 (deceased)

Cindy Stone was a model, and is the murder victim in The First Turnabout, the first case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Just prior to her murder she had been dating Larry Butz, but had dumped him some time previous and was already dating other men. Despite being a model, so presumably having a reasonable income, she dated several men in order for them to spoil her by buying her things and giving her money. She lived alone in an apartment, although the day before her murder she had only just arrived back home after being in Paris.

On the day of Cindy's death, Frank Sahwit had broken into her apartment and was burgling it whilst she was away. However, she came home whilst he was still there and he panicked, hitting Cindy over the head with a statue of The Thinker, a gift from Larry incidentally. The impact killed Cindy instantly. Larry Butz was then accused of her murder, bringing the game to Case 1, The First Turnabout. Cindy was recognized as a gold digger, and had many sugar daddies, as put by prosecutor Winston Payne.

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