Celeste Inpax

Celeste Inpax
Profile (Celeste Inpax).png
Japanese nameAmano Yurie
AgePW:JFA: (deceased)

Celeste Inpax is a character mentioned during Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Farewell, My Turnabout, although she had committed suicide two years prior to the case, she did play a role in the events leading up to it.

Whilst she was alive she was manager to Juan Corrida, the two were also dating and even were engaged. Additionally, she was also mentor to Adrian Andrews. But shortly after she and Juan had announced their engagement Juan called off the wedding. She later found out the reason was because Matt Engarde, whom she had previously been seeing but broken up with after Matt had only been using her, told Juan about her and Matt. Because Juan and Matt had a fierce rivalry, Juan was stunned enough to call off the wedding. Consumed with grief over what had happened, Celeste committed suicide.

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