Bright Bonds

Bright Bonds
Japanese nameShinjou Hikaru
Age41 (deceased)
OccupationBusiness Manager

Bright Bonds is a business manager for Company Y, a company that deals with fashion accessories and the victim of the manga chapter Turnabout with the Wind. Even though he was married with a family, he was also having an affair with Belle Windsor, although after some time he decided to call off the affair and return to his family, despite Belle's protests. After he went back to his family, Belle still continued to contact him and asked for him to come back to her.

He was a huge baseball fan and on the day of his murder he had left work with the intention of seeing his favourite team play. On that evening though a heavy storm prevented the game from starting so, to kill time, he visited the nearby wind chime festival at Gourd Lake. Whilst he was wandering around Belle called him again on his phone and, whilst he was on the phone to her, she stabbed him in the back, telling him over the phone that she had been the one to kill him. Despite his stab wound he walked to the nearby sauna and collapsed and died in the locker room. Phoenix muses that his reason for doing this was because the sauna was a mens only sauna that the police would assume he was murdered there and Belle wouldn't be considered a suspect.

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