Adrian Andrews

Adrian Andrews
Japanese nameKamiya Kirio
AgePW:JFA: 23
PW:T&T: 24

Adrian Andrews is a manager who first appears in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Farewell, My Turnabout. She became involved in the case when her boyfriend, Juan Corrida, was murdered and Matt Engarde, the actor she was managing, was arrested on suspicion of his murder. As Adrian was the first to discover the body, she was brought in as a witness, but it soon became clear she played a bigger role in this.

Two years prior to Juan's murder, his then current girlfriend and Adrian's mentor, Celeste Inpax, committed suicide after Juan called off their engagement after Matt told him that he had previously dated her. Adrian was especially close to Celeste, forming a kind of "co-dependancy", so when Celeste killed herself, Adrian fell into despair and attempted suicide herself. However, her attempt was unsuccessful, and, almost as a means of coping, modelled her behaviour on Celeste's.

Two years later Adrian was now managing Matt, and dating Juan, although she later admitted she did so only because she was sure Juan had hidden Celeste's suicide note. Juan approached her with an idea to damage Matt's reputation and Adrian, still upset over what Matt did to Celeste, agreed to help. But before Juan could carry out his own revenge, he was murdered. Adrian, being the first to discover the body, admitted to tampering with the crime scene, when she first saw Juan had been murdered, she was certain that it was Matt behind it. However, Adrian soon found herself being framed for the murder by the assassin Matt had hired to kill Juan. But both Phoenix and Edgeworth were able to expose the truth, and Adrian was determined to face whatever punishment she was going to receive for tampering with the crime scene.

Adrian would appear again in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; The Stolen Turnabout after having paid her debt to society, and moved on from the events of the previous year. She organized a exhibition to credit the Kurain Village and blamed herself for the thiefing of the urn, and for breaking it.

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