Valerie Hawthorne

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Valerie Hawthorne
Profile (Valerie Hawthorne).png
Japanese nameMiyanagi Yuki
AgePW:T&T: 23 in flashback (deceased)
OccupationPolice Sergeant
FamilySister: Dahlia Hawthorne

Valerie was a police sergeant, who worked at the same precinct as Detective Gumshoe, and was the victim in the 4th case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; Turnabout Beginnings.

To understand what happened to Valerie, you have to go back to 5 years before this event. Five years ago, when Valerie was 18, Valerie's younger sister, Dahlia, came up with a plot that would net them both, plus her then boyfriend, Terry Fawles, a share of 2 million dollars. Their family were wealthy and owned a jewellery business, so they had Terry kidnap Dahlia and order a ransom of an uncut diamond. Valerie, then a police detective, was to make the exchange, then after that the three of them would split the ransom money. However, the two sisters had planned to betray Terry and pin the whole thing on him, so when the time came to make the exchange, Valerie shot at Terry as she and Dahlia had planned, but at the same time Dahlia jumped into the river below where they were making the exchange and disappeared with the diamond. After the police arrived, Valerie put all the blame onto Terry and even testified in court that it was Terry who killed her sister. It was this testimony that was the pivotal evidence that saw Terry convicted and put on death row.

Five years later, Terry escaped from prison. He contacted Valerie, wanting to meet and she agreed with it. But before going she contacted Dahlia and gave her a warning that she was going to tell the truth about what had happened. However, before Valerie could meet Terry, Dahlia met her first and killed her so that the truth would never come out. Dahlia later stated that she despised Valerie.

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